Party Ideas for June

Excuses to entertain this month.

National Rose Month
The world’s most romantic flower has its very own appreciation month and, to the surprise of many, it’s not February but June. (There’s also a National Rose Day, not February 14, but June 10.) To celebrate, throw a rosé wine and/or rosé sparkling wine party. For friends who still haven’t embraced the pink stuff, keep some more general  floral wines and floral cocktails on hand. A garden setting is ideal but, should you find yourself without one, stop by the local florist for the décor. For a more dramatic look, forgo the vases and instead spread rose petals all over your floor.

National Iced Tea Month
Hot tea cocktails are perennial wintertime favorites but the iced version is making a splash at bars on both sides of the Pond. Embrace Britain’s signature beverage and throw an adult-only High Tea party, complete with an assortment of crumpets and crustless sandwiches. Or serve an iced tea cocktail, such as the spiked iced tea martini,  for some refreshing outdoor sipping, ideally poolside.

June 10: Judy Garland’s Birthday
To honor the celebrated entertainer take yourself back in time with a retro-cocktail party. Play Garland tracks—extra points for vinyl records—and muted Garland films in the background. If you have the time, search the Internet for party game trivia on the troubled starlet.

June 11 (through July 11): the 2010 World Cup
Regardless of whether or not you are a soccer (or football) aficionado, this is the perfect opportunity to embrace the cuisine and wines of South Africa, host of this year’s games. Throw an educational tasting party—see our buying guide for recommended Pinotages, Pinotage blends, Chenin Blancs, etc.—or go all out and light up the grill for a braai, or traditional South African barbecue.

June 18: International Picnic Day
Picnics are so wonderful there’s a worldwide holiday dedicated to them. See some recipes and tips for keeping your picnic leisurely and stress-free.

June 21: First Day of Summer
Obviously a cause for celebration and the options are limitless. Relive International Picnic Day and head to your favorite beach or park, packed basket in hand. Throw a BBQ (see some grilling tips as well as rub recipes from a master of ‘cue cuisine), a garden party, a clambake or even a Hawaii-style Luau party. There’s only one rule for your Summer Solstice: it should take place outdoors.


Published on June 7, 2010
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