Uncorkings 8.23

News and notes from the world of wine.

Larry Stone, renowned master sommelier and former general manager of Napa’s Rubicon Estate Vineyard and Winery, will join Evening Land Vineyards as president.

A crate of Scotch whisky that was trapped in Antarctic ice for a century was finally opened on Friday, but the heritage dram won’t be tasted by whisky lovers because it’s being preserved because of its historical significance. The crate contains 11 bottles of Mackinlay’s Scotch whisky, recovered from the Antarctic hut of renowned explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. Experts estimate the Scotch to date back to 1896 or 1897, and master blenders will examine samples of it to see if they can replicate the brew. 

A new study from a team of doctors at the University of Sheffield in the UK suggests that regular alcohol consumption decreases the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis and can lessen the symptoms of the disease. 

Salmon-safe” wines are catching on in the Northwest and Walla Walla Valley.

The Los Angeles Times credited the search engine wine-searcher.com with “leveling the playing field on getting, buying, pricing and selling wine,” and otherwise transforming “every facet of the way the wine business is conducted.”

Today’s mixologist is tomorrow’s “brand ambassador,” The New York Times reported, but some worry the new career path is draining away the best bartending talent.

Matanzas Creek Winery tapped Marcia Monahan to be a winemaker. Originally from Chile, Monahan has 15 years of experience and is known as a proponent of sustainable agriculture and organic viticultural practices.

Published on August 23, 2010