Paranormal Party

Paranormal Party

Most imbibers expect to find spirits at the bar, but these haunts purportedly offer ghosts in addition to alcohol. Here’s the dish on the most ghost-friendly bars and restaurants in the United States, just in time for Halloween.

Long before Hemingway frequented this Key West bar, Captain Tony’s Saloon was used as an ice house, and by default, the area’s morgue, in the 1700s. In addition to a gravestone embedded in the bar’s floor, this saloon also features a “hanging tree”—the site where a handful of pirates were killed by vigilantes (explaining the bar’s popular drink, the Pirate’s Punch).

Some say that the Hotel Monteleone, home of the famous Carousel Bar in New Orleans (below), is so nice that some guests never leave—even after death. The International Society of Paranormal Research detected a dozen spirits in this French Quarter hotel in 2003, and numerous visitors have reported sightings of a young boy, Maurice Begere, who died on the hotel’s 13th floor in the late 1880s.

The supernatural abounds at the historic Bowers Harbor Inn restaurant in Traverse City, Michigan. The Inn was built in the 1880s for Chicago lumber baron J.W. Stickney as a summer home, and legend has it that his wi fe Genevieve hanged herself in the building’s elevator shaft after learning tha t her husband bequeathed his fortune to his mistress. Genevieve sometimes appears as a woman with a bun in gilded mirrors, mysteriously moving furniture, or making the sound of footsteps.

Published on September 21, 2010