Superb Saké Destinations

Superb Saké Destinations

Saké fans will find something to love at each of these stellar Japanese eateries.

Sakagura (New York, NY) Discreetly situated in the basement of a midtown office building, this secret passageway to Tokyo is an unparalleled saké library offering over 200 selections, most available by the glass, alongside Japanese pub fare like karaage, (soy marinated fried chicken) and buta kakuni (braised pork belly).

Kyo Ya (New York, NY) Precision and perfection imbue everything at Kyo Ya, a tiny East Village gem specializing in kaiseki (classic Japanese formal dining). Its saké program is expertly curated and serviced with a gorgeous array of traditional saké glassware and pottery, inspired by the seasons and dishes served.

Aburiya Raku (Las Vegas, NV) Aburiya Raku specializes in robata, traditionally grilled morsels like Oregon-raised Kobe beef seared over Japanese binchotan charcoal, but its saké list is diverse and comprehensive, from sweet sparklings to the superpremium Dassai Niwari Sanbu “Otterfest 23.”

Ozumo (San Francisco, Oakland and Santa Monica, CA) Merging traditional and nouveau Japanese fare with style and substance, Ozumo is a rarity among its fusion-forward counterparts. Its impeccably trained staff guides customers through a vast menu of saké offerings.

Published on July 1, 2011
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