Dramatic, and Welcome, Changes in the Wine World

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Demographics are changing in America, so it’s to be expected that the profile of the wine devotee will also shift. And though the statistics included in the story “The Changing Face of Wine” don’t represent dramatic changes today, they clearly signal a gradual, steady, important and very welcome enough evolution in the years and decades to come.

African-Americans and people of Asian and Hispanic descent are enjoying wine in greater and greater numbers. Women are increasingly making the wine purchasing decisions in their households. As evidenced by the Millennials, people are embracing wine at an earlier legal drinking age, and through social media are communicating about it in a whole new way.

Numbers aren’t needed to tell the whole story: look to your own experience. How much more often are you choosing “ethnic” restaurants? And where you might have reached instinctively for a beer when having Mexican, Chinese or Thai food, now wine is increasingly an option: wine lists in these restaurants are growing as people realize there are wines—Pinot Noirs with their vivid fruit and balance, Rieslings with a touch of sweetness, Sauvignon Blancs with their refreshing acidity—that cut the spice and offer a lighter alternative.

It’s often said that America’s strength is in this diversity…and let’s add, continuing diversity. These changes bode well for the wine industry—and the consumer.

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Published on August 30, 2011
Topics: News and Trends