The Gift of a Book

The Gift of a Book

Daring Pairings

By Evan Goldstein (University of California Press; $34.95).

Straight from the mind of a master sommelier—Goldstein divulges crucial tricks to create food and wine synergy. Using recipes from today’s hottest chefs as a canvas, he paints a masterful picture of what it takes to create concord between even the most daring flavors.


By Natalie MacLean (Penguin Group; $24.95).

Chock full of insider tips and engaging anecdotes, this fourtime James Beard award-winning author arms readers with the necessities to locate wines with the best value. Highly educational and witty, neophytes and professionals will drink this up.


By Matthew Gavin Frank (University of Nebraska Press; $24.95).

Frank weaves a vivid memoir about the six months he lived in Northern Italy, illustrating the idiosyncrasies of the Piemontese way and the adventures of the day-to-day. From working a grape harvest in Barolo to exploring the region’s culinary delicacies, Italophiles will devour his intimate tales in one sitting.


By Ed Engoron (Running Press; $27).

Death by chocolate has never been more pleasurable than while perusing these 150 hedonistic desserts. Combining ease and elegance, Engoron makes sating the chocoholic in you sweet and easy with recipes like Never-Fail Molten Lava Cake and Chocolate French Silk Pie.

A Vineyard in My Glass

By Gerald Asher (University of California Press; $29.95).

Having served as Gourmet’s wine editor for 30 years, Asher’s compilation of insightful essays is as stimulating as fine wine. With his charming prose and ease of storytelling, the often prickly topic of wine goes down like liquid silk.

The Bonne Femme Cookbook

By Wini Moranville (Harvard Common Press, $24.95)

For those who struggle to find enough time to craft an inspired dinnertime meal without slaving for hours, this simple and delicious approach to French home cooking allows even the busiest people to taste joie de vivre.

A Taste for Absinthe

By R. Winston Guthrie (Clarkson Potter News; $24.99).

After being banned for nearly a century for its supposed psychotropic effects, Absinthe has made a strong comeback.Packed with 65 classic recipes envisioned through the eyes of today’s trendiest bartenders, this book is perfect for anyone curious about the “green fairy” or just looking for a tasty tipple.

The Mozza Cookbook

By Nancy Silverton (Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.; $35).

It’s always a treat when chefs unveil the secrets behind their culinary gems—allowing patrons to reproduce their favorite dishes in the comfort of their homes. From Fried Squash Blossoms with Ricotta to Veal Sweetbread Piccata, the chef and co-owner of Los Angeles’ hot Osteria Mozza and Pizzeria Mozza divulges her most delectable recipes.

Published on September 30, 2011
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