Meet the Ladies of LUPEC

Meet the Ladies of LUPEC

“Bring back the classic cocktail!” That’s the rallying cry for LUPEC (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails), a classic cocktail society dedicated to breeding, raising and releasing cocktails that are endangered or even believed to be extinct into the wild. While not a bartender organization, LUPEC certainly attracts its fair share, in addition to PR pros, booze writers and general cocktail devotees who get together periodically to raise money for worthy charities, mix up vintage libations, and in the words of LUPEC’s mission statement, “honor the spirits of their Forebroads.” These profiles will help you get to know the sassy, brassy ladies of LUPEC.

Amanda Boccato

Profile: Like many students before her, Boccato first paid her dues (and her tuition) as a cocktail waitress. Following an “intensive internship” at the famed Pegu Club, Boccato went on to work at New York craft cocktail bars PDT (Please Don’t Tell) and most recently, Dutch Kills.
Favorite Cocktail: “Aperol Sour, with egg white, gin and three brandied cherries, please!”

Amy Troutmiller

Profile: A founding member of LUPEC in Chicago, Troutmiller now resides in Washington, D.C. After several years “behind the stick,” Troutmiller now functions as a general manager and sommelier at Eric Ripert’s Westend Bistro. But don’t worry, “I still craft all the cocktails for my menus,” she says.
Favorite Cocktail: A perfectly made Old-Fashioned (“Buffalo Trace if you got it”).

Kirsten Amann (aka Pink Lady)

Profile: An independent lifestyle publicist, free- lance writer and yoga teacher, Amann also is a founding member of the Boston chapter of LU- PEC.
Favorite Cocktail: “The Pink Lady is my signa- ture drink.”

Karin Stanley

Profile: Canadian expat Stanley has been bartending in NYC for the last 10 years, shaking cocktails at Little Branch, Milk & Honey and Dutch Kills (of which she is also part owner).
Favorite Cocktail: A Vieux CarrĂ©. “New Orleans is the best city in the world.”

Abigail Gullo  (aka RyeGirl)

Profile: Formerly a teacher, Gullo now tends bar at Fort Defiance in Brooklyn, New York, and The Beagle in Manhattan. That is, when she’s not behind the mic at Live Band Karaoke, or blogging at Her margarita won People’s Choice at the 2010 Tales of the Cocktail.
Favorite Cocktail: “I’ll take Manhattan, natch!”

Lynnette Marrero

Profile: The ringleader of LUPEC’s New York chapter, Marrero learned the ropes at Flatiron Lounge alongside cocktail savant Julie Reiner. Later, Marrero went on to become beverage director at Rye House, and she now focuses on creating cocktail programs with her cocktail catering company, Drinks at 6.
Favorite Cocktail: The Astoria. “It is a wet gin martini with orange bitters, olive and a twist. Nothing is better.”

Published on November 8, 2011
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