The Enthusiast 100 of 2011

The Enthusiast 100 of 2011

This year, Wine Enthusiast’s tasting panel reviewed more than 16,000 wines. We’ve previously published our lists of Top 100 Best Buys (wines for $15 or less, November) and Top 100 Cellar Selections (cellar-worthy and highly rated collectibles, December), now here comes the big kahuna.

The Enthusiast 100 are not the wines we drink on a daily basis, nor do they represent a single annual splurge. Instead, they are the solid middle ground: weekend wines, restaurant purchases, special occasion wines. In short, wines we wish we could drink more often.

To arrive at this list, we look at a myriad of factors, including rating, price, drinkability and uniqueness. Then we factor in availability, diversity and a healthy portion of subjectivity. Within the constraints of what we’ve tasted during the past 12 months, we try to include wines made in different regions, from various grape varieties and in many different styles.

The end result? A list of 100 wines we’d be happy to drink any night of the week.

To download the PDF of the full list, click here. Also, check out Wine Enthusiast's Top 100 Best Buys 2011.

Published on December 7, 2011