Patricia Kluge Out at Trump Winery

Uncorkings 06/21/2010

The one-year transitional contract for Patricia Kluge, former owner of Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyards––the name of Trump Winery prior to the 2011 acquisition by real estate mogul and TV personality Donald Trump––in Charlottesville, Virginia has officially expired, according to Eric Trump, president of Trump Winery.

In early 2011, Donald Trump, a friend of Kluge, began purchasing pieces of the property when the bank finally foreclosed on the estate and vineyards after the winery’s years of financial trouble. The acquisitions continued into April, when Trump bought the estate’s final 776 acres of vineyard land as well as the winery’s equipment and inventory for $7.9 million at auction. The company was renamed to Trump Vineyard Estates. Kluge was kept on as vice president of operations to assist Trump’s son, Eric, who was named president of the winery.

“We had a one-year contract with Patricia [as vice president of operations] and the year ended,” says Eric, “It was always known she was going to help us transition from bank owned to Trump owned, she did so very effectively. She was not dismissed.”

“This is an exciting transition,” he adds. “We’ve been winning awards right and left. Business is great. Our trajectory in terms of new business coming in is literally vertical.”

Kluge’s current husband, Bill Moses, presently oversees the property as general manager, and his role will continue.

Published on June 18, 2012
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