The Best Wedding Day Drinks

The Best Wedding Day Drinks

Wedding day libations don’t have to be limited to bad wine and watered-down drinks. These simple tips will help every bride and groom to-be take things up a notch.

Create signature cocktails. The drink newlyweds select to be served at their reception should reflect who they are and why they’re a winning combination, but it also sets the tone for the evening. A cucumber cooler says sit down and relax, while a tiki tipple encourages dancing. Choose the right, tasty tipple.

Be casual. It’s chic. Serving a signature sip in something like a Mason jar adds a personal, rustic touch to a backyard or a banquet hall wedding, as does a communal punch bowl. Opt for a meal served family style, or cupcakes instead of cake to further set a casually cool tone.

Personalize. Customized wine glasses featuring hand-painted pictures of the bridal party and groomsmen are popping up at wedding parties everywhere. They make for a whimsical wedding favor or work as place cards. Etsy Artisans can create unique designs in your color scheme.

Serve sustainable sips. More and more newlyweds are serving drinks with eco-friendly origins, including organic spirits and wine as well as certified-biodynamic wines. Rustic recycled glasses complete the scene and are hot registry items.

Treat guests with ice-cold cocktails. Frozen cocktails are a fun and memorable reception detail, especially in the summer heat. The tantalizing Tequila kick in SnöBar’s Margarita ice-pop is just as powerful as a traditional cocktail, but it’s way cooler.

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Published on October 10, 2012
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