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Wine's 2013 Report Card

No culture represents a marriage of past and present better than the wine world. Built upon the pioneering and innovation of past visionaries, it’s also one that very much lives in the now. Modern, forward thinking and dynamic, we’re moving at lightning-fast speed, but building upon decades—and in many cases centuries—of tradition. This issue is a celebration of that powerful combination.

Tradition abounds in Italy, one of the world’s most storied Old World wine producers. But look today to regions like coastal Tuscany, focus of Italian Editor Monica Larner’s piece for a success story in modernization. Birthplace of the super Tuscan and iconic wines like Sassicaia and Ornellaia, coastal Tuscany is astounding us again with fantastic new wines and a fresh approach to terroir expression.

The historic castles, cellars and inns of German wine country get a thrilling spin in Managing Editor Joe Czerwinski’s recent travel adventure. In a brand-new Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabrio, he visits some of the country’s top wineries, restaurants and heritage sites to discover rich history and modern touches.

Northern California has long been a hotspot for incredible wine, but Fort Ross-Seaview is a new star on the scene, making waves with its elegant Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays and Syrahs. As California Editor Steve Heimoff explains, this once-­obscure region—with only a year under its belt as an official AVA—is now redefining California wine’s A list.

Other highlights in this issue: Our star-studded Wine Star Awards gala at the New York Public Library celebrates the best and brightest in the industry; Executive Editor Susan Kostrzewa challenges you to a personality test that might hook you up with the wine of your dreams; orange wine, the white-meets-red secret on the lips of every sommelier in America, gets an up-close look from Assistant Tasting Director Anna Lee Ijiima; and we pair the culinary world’s rediscovery of ancient grains, like quinoa, with fabulous wines.

The wine world is full of incredible heritage and new discovery. We encourage you to experience it all.


Published on March 7, 2013
Topics: Editors' Column