Wine Enthusiast’s 25 Years of Wine, Food and Fun

Wine Enthusiast's 25 Years of Wine, Food and Fun

They say you should never mix business with pleasure. But reflecting on Wine Enthusiast Magazine鈥檚 25 years at the forefront of wine, we say, when your business is one of the world鈥檚 greatest pleasures, why not enjoy the ride? And we have.

As we celebrate the magazine鈥檚 silver anniversary in the wine world, it鈥檚 incredible to consider what has transpired over the years in America regarding wine appreciation and culture. Right now, this country is the largest and most important wine market in the world, a far cry from the mass beer and bulk wine world in which we once lived.

Modern, progressive and encompassing passion points like travel, home entertaining, dining and more, today鈥檚 Wine Enthusiast Magazine is a reflection of this evolution, a celebration of the multifaceted adventure that awaits wine lovers in the 21st century.

Although we are constantly evolving, our mission over the years has stayed the same: to bring the incredible world of wine to readers in a friendly, approachable and entertaining package. From the start, we鈥檝e never made unwarranted assumptions about what our reader might know, and, rather than dictate, have strived to engage in a conversation that鈥檚 interesting and informative.

We鈥檝e also committed ourselves to tasting and discussing everything from the $10 everyday gems to ageable treasures for the cellar. If it鈥檚 out there and it鈥檚 good, you鈥檒l find it in our pages. Wines for every occasion, and wines you can find聽and afford, are our hallmark. This is where wine culture is today: without boundaries, without borders鈥攁nd accessible to all.

Our 25th Anniversary piece handpicks the top stories that matter to you from the last 25 years of wine, but there鈥檚 an immediate takeaway too: we recommend current wines to drink that are tied to the trend. Remember when celeb chefs like Emeril Lagasse broke onto the scene? We tell you which chef-designed wines are worth drinking now. Did you contribute to the Malbec mania of a few years back? We鈥檒l tell you which Argentinian finds are worth buying today.

The new faces of wine, spirits and beer are our focus starting on page 66, where we introduce you to the 40 trendsetters under age 40 we think are most influential in determining what we drink. Selected by our editors, these hot sommeliers, innovative winemakers and creative tastemakers are making serious waves.

Also in this issue: European Editor Roger Voss offers a concise guide on when to drink Bordeaux; we pair delicious salmon dishes with the wines to match, and the crisp, clean and classic whites of northern Italy are presented, variety by variety, as the perfect sips for summer.

We鈥檝e had an incredible ride so far, and we hope you鈥檒l join us for 25 more.



Published on April 29, 2013
Topics: Editors' Column