Piedmont Pairing Challenge

Piedmont Pairing Challenge

Six regional culinary notables sound off on their favorite foods to pair with Barbera and Dolcetto.

With Barbera

Stinco di vitello di razza Piemontese brasato al barbera (Barbera-braised veal shank): “The playful exchange between the wine in the dish and in the glass makes this pairing very interesting. The veal shank spends an entire night marinating in the Barbera and is cooked slowly in a clay pot with herbs and vegetables.”—Raffaella Bologna, Braida di Giacomo Bolgogno

Tortelli di gallina in consommé (chicken tortelli in broth): “The tortelli are served in deep dishes and steaming broth is added as it is served in front of the guest. We also add rolled balls of raw veal that cook instantly in the hot broth. This pairing is based on the contrast of the delicate flavors in the dish and the fruity tones of the Barbera.” —Marco Franchi, Amaranto at the Four Seasons, London

Tajarin (thin tagliolini-like pasta) with ragù made with sausage from Bra: “Barbera is made to express all of its fruit aromas and it is an easy-drinking wine that works with the fatty component in foods, such as the eggs used in the pasta, or the butter and the sausage in the ragù.”  —Giulio Accornero, Azienda Agricola Accornero

With Dolcetto

Cold cuts, especially aged salami with strong flavors of garlic and black pepper: “The fresh fruit aromas of Dolcetto aged in stainless steel work with the natural fragrances of the salami. Our tradition pairs this wine with spicy features such as garlic or pepper, but outside Piedmont the wine is perfect with a classic pizza.”
—Alfio Cavallotto, Cavallato winery

Acciughe al verde (anchovies in green sauce): “This dish uses ingredients from Piedmont and also from neighboring Liguria, home to Pesto alla Genovese. Anchovies are marinated in water and vinegar and the green sauce is made with parsley, capers and bread. The upfront nature of Dolcetto and its vinous aromas make it the perfect companion.” —Sandro Barosi, Cascina Corte

Corzetti with mushroom and sausage ragù: “This is a traditional dish found in the lower parts of Piedmont that uses decorated wooden forms to shape the pasta. It’s a classic fall dish with porcini mushrooms and pork sausage. That touch of tannin in the Dolcetto works with the fattiness of the sauce.”—Andrea Bondi, Bondi winery


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Published on August 12, 2013
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