Born Into Bubbles

What comes to mind when you hear a Champagne cork pop?

It is probably the sound that is the most linked to the beginning of a party, an explosion of joy and emotion. It means that something is about to happen; the atmosphere is full of hope. But when I open a bottle of Champagne, I prefer to take out the cork without a big pop, but just a quiet hiss and a little smoke. It is like a special effect, more subtle and surprising, with real suspense.

You travel the world as global ambassador for your family’s Champagne. What is your favorite city for wine and food?

It’s difficult to choose. Each city gives you something different. When you travel, you learn how people see food and Champagne differently, and in each country, you discover new beautiful pairings to experience. Tokyo has been the most surprising for me. When I was there, I went to various restaurants, tasting foods incredibly unique and different for me, with amazing textures. I enjoyed it very much!

How do you use your background in art and design in your role at Taittinger?

For me, it is really important when you create something like a new box or label, to consider that you will put something new on earth, and it has to be useful or to give something more. If it doesn’t do this, it’s like a kind of pollution. When I was studying at art school, I realized that art was less interesting to me when done without any intention or inspiration, but just following the appearance of order. I do not want to follow the big law of marketing or the “recipes.” I love to question myself on what Taittinger really is and how I can express it in the simplest way.

Taittinger has long paired up with the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Do you have a favorite red carpet story?

Not really. You know, I am terribly shy and always look at it with a certain distance. It’s unreal. The actors and actresses are protecting their craft and promoting it. When I take part in the celebration, I see how they come together, happy to meet one another and happy to discuss what they do. I see these actors on screen, and maybe I expect to see each of them as the heroes they played in their last movie. But in
the end, you get to see the real Batman without his costume. It’s pretty funny.

Besides celebrations and special occasions, how do you enjoy Champagne Taittinger?

Simply! When I am at home with a friend, back from a long day, I love taking life slow. We quietly open a bottle of Champagne, listen to the sound of the bubbles, smile, and then we start to talk, cook, and enjoy our life as it is.

What are some of your earliest memories of drinking Champagne?

When I was a little child, my parents used to invite a lot of people over and they of course had Champagne. After the aperitif, sitting at the table, we often put our fingers in the glasses to get a drop of Champagne.

Whereand howwill you and your family be spending the holidays this year?

In Chamonix, France where we have an old family house. The freshness and majesty of the mountain are always a good combination to spend good holidays, with a lot of children.

If you were to create a meal and enjoy Champagne Taittinger with each course, what would you cook and which bottles would you open?

I would not want to favor any kind of food as they all are incredibly interesting to pair.

What is important are the moments we share together. All of our moments should be accompanied by good wines and good food and one should never forget that our relationships should simply be enhanced by beautiful wines. Not the other way around.

Published on November 26, 2013
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