The New Wine Enthusiast

Thomas Jefferson once said, “A little rebellion is a good thing.”

At Wine Enthusiast, we hope we’re challenging the predictable every time we put ink to paper or post a Web page.  

From the beginning, the magazine has championed progressive and realistic ways to live with great wine every day. We reject the notion that loving wine means joining the smoking jacket-and-cigar brigade of the past. 

Over the last three years we have refined our message of wine democracy, striving for the perfect balance of education and entertainment, and addressing today’s wine drinker in a way no one else does. With the March issue, we drive our flag into the ground for savvy and discovery-driven wine lovers everywhere. Welcome to the new Wine Enthusiast.

What’s different? Our logo, to start. We’re refocusing on the reader, the “wine enthusiast,” with clean, confident type, and celebrating the global nature of our wine (and beverage) world with a new tagline, “The world in your glass.” We embrace wine as the ultimate entrée into other incredible experiences in life, like dining and travel. You’ll see more of them in our stories, in this issue and beyond. You’ll also find more beer and spirits…other passions we share with you.

Is there anything sexier than a deep garnet-colored glass of wine, or an artfully arrayed plate of seasonal food? Our new design showcases photography from top names in the field, capturing topics in energetic, real-life settings that are graphic and playful. Yes, you can have fun with wine and still be serious about it. We think wine is beautiful and our new pages show you how alive it can be.

A sense of humor is a trademark at Wine Enthusiast, and our new direction fully embraces the fun along with the informative. Our reimagined front section, “The Crush,” highlights trends with swagger, while features approach wine, spirits and beer in more joyful—and surprising—ways than ever before.

Lively and adventurous, modern and enjoyable…we think the world of wine, spirits and beer is a Monday-through-Sunday celebration, and we want you to feel the same way. Thanks for joining us as we move into the new phase of this exciting adventure we call wine.


Our evolution

Founded in 1988, the publication has always sought creative ways to engage wine drinkers and the trade. Over the years, our focus has shifted to discovery-driven wine consumers and the lifestyle of wine, including dining, travel, entertaining, spirits and beer—all inextricable elements of enjoying vinous culture today.

Published on February 7, 2014
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