A Rosé by Any Other Name

A Rosé by Any Other Name

It’s not a stretch to say rosé is the most versatile wine in the world and the seminal pour for summer. Long a favorite in Europe among food-driven crowds, the category once had a reputation for being erratic in quality here in America. As quality has improved over the years, it’s now a favorite among wine lovers who  love to sip it alone or pair it with food. Nine out of 10 French wine consumers drink rosé. Could America be next?

Look at the spectrum of varieties within the category: rich, fruity Tempranillo-based Spanish rosado; fresh, citrus-driven rosé from southern France; juicy and joyful Pinot Noir rosés from California… all are part of the same stylish family. And the diversity within the rosé world means you can find a bottle to please any palate and pair with almost any food you can conjure.

This month, our editors around the globe choose their top, current vintage pours of the seductive wine whose overall refreshing and easy-drinking nature makes it the perfect chilled-out choice for warm weather. We cover both iconic regions for rosé and emerging hotspots, so you’ll be sure to have the best bottles stocked for your patio parties this season, and all year long

Speaking of summer, our Summer Entertaining Guide by Lifestyle and Entertaining Editors Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen is the go-to resource for creating your own wine country-style party. We follow cookbook author Brigit Binns and her husband, actor Casey Biggs, as they host a beautiful alfresco gathering at their home in Paso Robles. 

Southern Italy’s refreshing whites are a great choice for the season and a best-kept secret of wine pros. From Campania and Sicily, mineral-driven varieties like Falanghina and Greco express their unique terroirs and easy-to-enjoy flavors at attractive price points. Italian Editor Kerin O’Keefe tells you what to buy. 

Also in this issue: Lodi’s new wave of artisan vintners steps up the region’s quality image and seasonally-geared cocktails showcase gin’s exciting new styles.


Published on May 30, 2014
Topics: Editors' Column