Tomorrow's Bright Stars

Tomorrow's Bright Stars

The face of wine is changing.

We’re not just talking about the business of wine, or what’s on the shelf.

We’re talking about you, the actual wine drinker in America. In wine bars, wine shops and restaurants across the country, younger, more diverse oenophiles are exploring eclectic and emerging wines alongside the classics.

Today’s wine lover is engaging in wine and beverage culture in ways that were never seen before, from Instagram to stylish, intimate tastings and, perhaps most importantly, via progressive members of the trade who are bringing drinks culture to the mainstream in entertaining and approachable ways.

Our annual 40 Under 40 list names the leaders of this evolution. These are the innovators, the gatekeepers and the smart young thinkers who are changing what you put in your glass. From top wineries to tiny distilleries, from world-renowned restaurants and the lightning-speed digital world, these men and women are at the forefront of wine, spirits and beer culture in America, and are pushing trends that are remapping the entire ­culture of drinks in our country.

Innovators in Argentina are the focus of Contributing Editor Michael Schachner’s piece this month. While Malbec has long been the star of the Argentina wine scene, today, a growing number of top-quality Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc producers are making a splash with wines that offer complexity and site-specific appeal.

Another big story right now: the 2010 Barolo vintage. Italian Editor Kerin O’Keefe highlights the bottles to buy now from this collection of silky wines with classic bright berry fruit flavors. These are Barolos for the cellar that will age beautifully.

Also in this issue: modern Jewish cuisine with a surprising twist and the eclectic beverage pairings to top off the feast, Contributing Editor Anne Krebiehl’s surprising report on German Pinot Noir and a grown-up’s guide to Oktoberfest.


Published on August 27, 2014