Fall’s 5 Best Ciders

Fall's 5 Best Ciders

Fall’s here. Time for all things apple.

With so many types of cider popping up on shelves, it could get overwhelming when choosing a sipper to pair with your favorite autumn activities. Seek out these 5 ciders that bring something a little different to the table.

Reef Points Kid Neptune Cider (Paso Robles, CA) 

With its surprisingly full and creamy mouthfeel, this cider deserves a spot on your Thanksgiving table. Whether the turkey is succulent or a tad too dry, it will boost the bird’s buttery flavors, add astringency and give depth to each bite with its vegetal, green bell-pepper notes. Its refreshing lemon-lime acidity is ideal for your feast’s sweeter fare, too, from cranberry salad to apple pie; $14.

Longueville House Cider (Cork, Ireland)

This import has enticing caramel and dry hay aromas, with unfiltered apple-juice flavors driving the palate. Mild sweetness balances the apples’ drying tannins and tart acidity, much like the midday sun softens the bite of a brisk autumn breeze. Enjoy solo or with your favorite fall fruit pie; $12.

Millstone Hopvine (Monkton, MD)

Skip the bland beer and break out this hopped, IPA-esque cider at your next tailgate party. A blend of Cascade hops, tart apple and honey, it boasts grapefruit and wildflower aromas, with a bright blast of orchard fruit on the palate and a floral finish. Crisp and dry, with overtones of earthy, grassy hops, this thirst quencher will win over even the most stoic of suds fans; $16.

Aaron Burr Appinette (Wurtsboro, NY)

When it’s time to toast this holiday season, surprise and seduce palates with this elegant sparkling cider made from a blend of apples and Traminette (a relative of Gewürztraminer) from the Finger Lakes region. With rose and lychee notes, the apples provide a backbone of brisk acidity, while the wine adds weight and texture; $32.

Traditions Ciderworks Riverwood Orchard (Willamette Valley, OR)

Brisk and fruity, each sip is like biting into a fresh-picked apple. With a fun whisper of honeydew, this packs just enough acidity to balance the sweet Jonagold apples. Reach for this easy-drinker after leaf raking, cleaning out the gutters—or after pledging to tackle both next weekend; $20.

Published on October 7, 2014