Top 25 Beers of 2014

Top 25 Beers of 2014

This list is not the top 25 beers of all time. Instead, it’s our annual ranking of the best-reviewed selections over the past 12 months. Culled from our monthly Beer Buying Guide, these represent the most exciting beers reviewed this year, sure to please proud beer aficionados and curious cross-drinkers alike. They exhibit extraordinary craftsmanship, innovation and quality at affordable prices.

The majority of beers submitted and reviewed this year were domestic selections, emphasizing the still-growing American craft-brewing culture. A sampling of international brews added global perspective to our monthly tastings.

We ultimately strive for balance by representing many of the different categories reviewed throughout the year. We had some killer stouts, IPAs and American wild ales, to name a few, all of which racked up some truly outstanding scores. But in the interest of showcasing the diversity that exists in the beer world today, not all of these top-scoring beers appear here.

Instead, this list is a compilation that includes selections from numerous states and countries, of varying styles, with assorted price tags and distribution areas. There are some beers that are available from coast to coast, while others might not be readily available in your area or are extremely limited in production. One thing’s for sure: They’re all treasures well worth the hunt.

You can check out all of the tasty beers reviewed this year by visiting our beer ratings page. But for now, grab your favorite cold one and enjoy the best this year’s reviews had to offer.

Download the full list of 2014’s Top Beers in the PDF version.

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Published on November 25, 2014
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