Top 50 Spirits of 2014

The year’s best collectible wines.

Out of the hundreds of spirits reviewed for this year’s Spirit Buying Guides, this list represents 50 of the best picks.

It’s a particularly diverse group this year, spanning a number of categories, provenances and flavor profiles. Of course, it’s not comprehensive; only categories reviewed this year are eligible for inclusion, so unflavored vodkas, for example, aren’t strongly represented here, although they had a strong showing in 2013.

The diversity extends to bottle prices as well, which range from $425 for a rare, hop-flavored American whiskey down to $17 for an amazingly refreshing cucumber vodka. “Top” in this context isn’t meant to be synonymous with most expensive, oldest or most rare—instead, it signifies best-in-breed, whatever the breed happens to be.

So, in addition to classically styled whiskies, rums, Tequilas and more, some delightful oddballs enter the mix. Carrot eau-de-vie? Peanut butter- and-jelly flavored vodka? An Indian-spiced cream liqueur? Yes to all three—bold flavors and a lot of fun are coming off the stills these days.

Whether your taste runs to well-made cocktails or straight-up sippers, at least one of these exceptional bottles deserves space on your home bar. Turn the page to discover your new best bar friend.

Download the full list of 2014’s Top Spirits in the PDF version.

Published on November 25, 2014