American Spirits from Every State


What’s the state of spirits in the United States? Pretty good!

It’s time for you to check out these smaller-batch boozes you need to sip from the Lower 48, Alaska and Hawaii.

AK: Alaska Distillery Smoked Salmon Flavored Vodka

Sounds gross, tastes great. Enjoy the savory finish.

AL: Clyde May’s Conecuh Ridge Alabama Fine Whiskey

Starts airy and sweet, finishes spicy.

AR: Rock Town Distillery Brandon’s Gin

London-dry style. It’s G&T-ready.

AZ: Arizona Distilling Copper City Bourbon

Silk. Just add a splash of branchwater.

CA: Re:Find Handcrafted Botanical Brandy

A tasty herb-infused gin with a confusing name.

CO: Leopold Bros Absinthe Verte

Green fairy sharp, nose-twitching anise aromas. Best in cocktails.

CT: Westford Hill Distillers Poire Prisonniere

A pear brandy with punch (nothing sweet here).

DE: Dogfish Head Brown Honey Rum

Yes, beer geeks, they make booze, like this chewy, caramelized rum.

FL: Florida Siesta Key Spiced Rum

Aromatic; use in umbrella drinks.

GA: 13th Colony Southern Rye

Dry and spicy, with a classic rye bite.

HI: Ocean Vodka

Smooth, like a surfboard slicing a wave at Hanalei Bay.

ID: Blue Ice Vodka

Satiny, squeaky clean and neutral.

IL: FEW Spirits American Gin

A tinge of citrus; introduce her to Tom Collins.

IN: Heartland Distillers Sorghum

Rum-like and hearty, with a hint of maple.

IA: Cedar Ridge Apple Brandy

Fruity and full-bodied. Fill your flask with it.

KS: Clear10 Vodka

Neutral, with a stiff citrus zing.

KY: Michter’s US #1 Small Batch Bourbon

Rich, spicy with soft vanilla flavors.

LA: Old New Orleans Cajun Spice Rum

Nutmeg, clove and cayenne. Xmas drinks just got hot.

America's First Growth Whiskeys

ME: New England Distilling Ingenium Gin

Complex, structured and strongly herbal

MD: Sloop Betty Vodka

Liquid cashmere. Try ice cold, neat. Bonus: It’s kosher.

MA: Berkshire Mountain Distillers Greylock Gin

Dry, with huge juniper, coriander and anise.

MI:  New Holland Brewing’s Hatter Royale Hopquila

A hop-based booze, flushed with floral notes.

MN: Prairie Organic Vodka

Full-bodied, and crisp as a Northern Minnesota lake.

MO: 360 Vodka

Eco-friendly, right down to the reusable swing-top bottle.

MS: Cathead Pecan Vodka

Nutty, rich, a natural for cool-weather cocktails.

MT:  Whistling Andy Hibiscus-Coconut Rum

Like drinking in scents of the beach.

NE: Patriarch Whiskey‘s Soldier Valley

These Nebraska distillers made this whiskey as a tribute to then men and women of America’s armed forces.

NH: Josiah Bartlett Barrel Aged Apple Brandy

Fruity and rich, akin to French Calvados.

NJ: Busted Barrel Silver Rum

Made from molasses, it’s brash and spicy.

NM: Don Quixote Blue Corn Bourbon

Seriously smoky. Sips more like mescal than Maker’s Mark.

NY: Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey

Sweet caramel corn on the lips, silky on the swallow.

NC: TOPO Vodka

Featherweight mouthfeel, with hints of coconut.

ND: Maple River Distillery’s Rhubarb-Infused Vodka

Bright, tart and sassy. Great for summer punches.

NV: Las Vegas Distillery Nevada Vodka

Starts with a sting, closes with a rounded milk-like mouthfeel.

OH: OYO Wheat Whiskey

Dry, with cherry and nut tones. Try in a Manhattan.

OK: Prairie Wolf Vodka

Bold and grassy, meet your new Bloody Mary vodka.

OR: Glaser Distillery Limoncello

Cloudy in the bottle, sweet lemon custard on the tongue.

PA: Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye

A traditional P-A rye, it boasts funky honey and banana notes.

RI: Thomas Tew Single Barrel Rum

Amber, gently spiced and mellow.

SC: Striped Shine

It’s 120-proof, but drinks easy, with Corn Pops cereal notes.

SD: Bickering Brothers Brandy

Butterscotch and hints of oak. Nuanced enough to drink neat.

TN: Prichard’s Private Stock Rum

Weighty, rich and toffee-like, it’s rum with gravitas.

TX: Balcones Brimstone Corn Whisky

Super-smoky, BBQ-worthy. A booze-industry fave.

UT: High West Double Rye!

Full-bodied, with lots of cinnamon, anise and honey.

VT: Barr Hill Gin

Made with raw honey, it’s robust but pleasantly sweet.

VA: Wasmund’s Single Malt Whiskey

A single-malt American beauty. No kilt required.

WA: Oola Waitsburg Bourbon Whiskey

Hazelnut aroma, with a dry and spicy palate.

WI: Death’s Door Gin

Crisp, clean, classic—an ideal martini gin.

WV: Smooth Ambler Greenbrier Gin

Floral and light, with a honey-sweet finish.

WY: Wyoming Whiskey

Sour and brusque, in a good way. Should come with a cowboy hat.

And one more, for good measure: Washington, D.C., Green Hat Gin

Spicy and crisp. Prepare for next-level Negronis.

America's First Growth Whiskeys

Published on January 20, 2015
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