How to Host a Singles-Only Party

Singles mingling

Even for the most confident single, Valentine’s Day can feel like a proverbial ankle-biting aunt who relentlessly “worries” about your relationship status. To help brave the flood of canoodling couples, celebrate the glories of solo-hood by hosting a singles-only party.

Forever Mingle 

This is the night to collide all your separate social worlds in one wine-soaked setting, so don’t just invite the standard crew. You want an eclectic mix of personalities to help liven things up with raw, new-connection energy. It may also lead to more than a few matches.

Go With The Flow

Ditch the dinner party—you and your guests aren’t looking to be tied down. Instead make it a stand-up cocktail party, with a few different wine and food stations to help keep traffic moving and the mingling flowing.

"Mad Men" Cocktail Party Guide

Decadent Dining 

Leisurely, fine-food feasts with friends incite envy in your married-with-kids cohorts (who dream of brunches long ago). Mark this indulgent privilege by greeting guests with two oft-overlooked old-school standards: foie gras and caviar. Score the foie gras locally and for the fish eggs, try Petrossian’s The Royal Transmontanus or its multicolored Luxury Trio, which includes deliciously briny trout roe, salmon roe and caviar.

Drink Away A Paycheck

Your money is all yours—for now. So before the braces and mortgages mount, make this the time when you splurge on a shameful amount of top-shelf Champagne. If you don’t have favorites, try Jacquart’s Brut Mosaïque. It’s crisp, fresh and bright—perfect for parties. Pol Roger Brut Reserve White Foil, which boasts a rich mouthfeel and dry finish, melds well with decadent foie gras, yet pleasingly contrasts with the salty tang of briny caviar.

Published on February 4, 2015
Topics: Entertaining, Wine and Food Pairings