Wines for Modern Times

Wines for Modern Times

New World wines—think Australia, South Africa, California, Argentina and Chile—are a true emblem of our modern wine culture. Fresh, friendly, and accessible, these are wines that please every palate, and find a welcome place on the dinner table seven days a week.

Three of our features this month highlight incredible discoveries among New World offerings. Not only do these wines showcase some of the most innovative and quality-driven styles available today, they’re also easily enjoyed in almost any setting, and with a wide array of foods.

Syrah—which thrives along California’s Central Coast—is the focus of Contributing Editor Matt Kettmann’s piece. He drills down into the regions that are doing the Northern Rhône’s star variety right—including Ballard Canyon, Paso Robles, the Santa Cruz Mountains and Santa Lucia Highlands—and tells you what to buy.

Home to wines of finesse and power, Washington is currently making a big splash via Red Mountain, the fast-evolving AVA that Contributing Editor Sean Sullivan explores. Wines from such varieties as Cabernet, Syrah and Roussanne are the stars here. He tells you which ones to try now.

The end of the earth is home to some of the world’s most exciting wines, as Contributing Editor Michael Schachner reveals in his Chile piece. From the rugged shores of the Pacific Ocean to the chilly peaks of the Andes, Chile is a living postcard where nature-loving winemakers take cues from their magnificent surroundings.

Also in this issue, how to pair wine with earthy Nordic foods—a current trend; exploring Philadelphia’s wine hotspots and a St. Patrick’s Day cocktail that will put a kick in your step as we head into spring.

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Published on February 11, 2015
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