How to Pair Wine with Chinese Food

How to Pair Wine with Chinese Food

Welcome to our expert break down of popular food categories, outlining the main challenges (and pairing solutions) for wine lovers with globetrotting tastes.

This round, we focus on pairing Chinese food with wine. 

The challenge: “Chinese cuisine is vast and dynamic, characterized by spices, oils and high-temperature wok cooking techniques that have evolved over thousands of years,” says Toranosuke Matsuoka, president and beverage director of KOA Restaurant, which serves modern Chinese cuisine.

Wine fix: “Try pairing Chinese foods with a dry or off-dry Riesling, a variety that can help balance the body of the ingredients while complementing the sweet flavors often found in Chinese dishes,” says Matsuoka.

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Make These Dishes

Beggar’s Chicken
Traditional Pork Dumplings
Szechuan Shrimp
Ginger Scallion Sauce
Szechuan-style Eggplant
Ginger Soy Sea Bass

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Published on February 19, 2015
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