How to Pair Wine with Mexican Food

How to Pair Wine with Mexican Food

Welcome to our expert break down of popular food categories, outlining the main challenges (and pairing solutions) for wine lovers with globetrotting tastes.

This round, we focus on pairing Mexican food with wine. 

The challenge: “For Mexican dishes with cheese, braised items or mole sauces, the challenges to consider are richness and spiciness,” says Antonio Friscia, executive chef and advanced sommelier of Don Chido, an upscale Mexican restaurant in San Diego.

Wine fix: Look to low-tannin reds with bright acidity for rich and spicy Mexican dishes. “I would recommend Barbera or a Côtes du Rhône wine, because they cut through the richness of many Mexican dishes and manage to cool the palate,” says Friscia.

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Published on February 19, 2015
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