How to Pair Wine with Thai Food

How to Pair Wine with Thai Food

Welcome to our expert break down of popular food categories, outlining the main challenges (and pairing solutions) for wine lovers with globetrotting tastes.

This round, we focus on pairing Thai food with wine. 

The challenge: “Being close to water, there is an abundance of seafood in Thai cuisine, as well as indigenous herbs such as galangal and lemongrass, and chilies brought over by Portuguese missionaries,” says Toranosuke Matsuoka, president and beverage director of KOA Restaurant, which serves modern Chinese cuisine.

Wine fix: “Thinking of the heat often present in Thai cooking, I look to something that can help cleanse the palate. Prosecco can cut the oils and heat with bubbles, but is light enough to balance with seafood.

Make These Dishes

Thai-style Turkey Curry
Tiger’s Tears (grilled sirloin with vegetables, lemongrass and chili paste)
Pad Thai Sauce
Chicken Sate Burgers
Thai Beef Salad

Cooking With Wine


Published on February 19, 2015
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