Best Wines For: Spring Sipping

Best Wines For: Spring Sipping

March 20th marks the first day of spring, and we can finally swap our trust-worthy, full-bodied reds with lighter, fresher selections. For this, we turn to Austria, which delivers quaffable sips, such as nicely nuanced Pinot Noir, peppery Blaufränkisch, aromatic St. Laurent and fresh Zweigelt. This sample of recently rated bottles (there’s more where these came from in the Buying Guide) evoke flavors of ripe, bright fruit and verdant earth—exactly what we need to welcome spring with open arms.

Reviews by Anne Krebiehl

Pinot Noir

Anton Bauer 2012 Reserve Limited Edition Pinot Noir (Wagram-Donauland); $50, 96 points. 

Johanneshof Reinisch 2012 Holzspur Pinot Noir (Thermenregion); $80, 95 points. Markowitsch 2012 Reserve Pinot Noir (Carnuntum); $21, 92 points.

Stift Göttweig 2013 Göttweiger Berg Pinot Noir (Kremstal); $25, 92 points.

Fritsch 2012 P Pinot Noir (Wagram-Donauland); $48, 91 points.


Krutzler 2012 Perwolff Blaufränkisch (Südburgenland); $79, 95 points.

Gernot and Heike Heinrich 2011 Blaufränkisch (Leithaberg); $45, 93 points.

Nittnaus Anita und Hans 2012 Blaufränkisch (Leithaberg); $45, 93 points.

Hillinger 2012 Blaufränkisch (Leithaberg); $39, 92 points.

Jalits 2012 Reserve Blaufränkisch (Eisenberg); $29, 92 points.

St. Laurent

Johanneshof Reinisch 2012 Holzspur St. Laurent (Thermenregion); $80, 95 points. Schloss Gobelsburg 2012 Reserve St. Laurent (Niederösterreich); $63, 93 points.

Steindorfer 2012 Reserve St. Laurent (Burgenland); $35, 93 points.

Zantho 2012 St. Laurent (Burgenland); $13, 90 points.

Forstreiter 2012 Reserve St. Laurent (Niederösterreich); $24, 89 points.


Arndorfer 2012 Die Leidenschaft Zweigelt (Niederösterreich); $52, 92 points.

Steininger 2012 Novemberlese Zweigelt (Niederösterreich); $18, 91 points.

Bründlmayer 2012 Reserve Zweigelt (Niederösterreich); $18, 89 points.

Dürnberg 2013 Bodenschatz Zweigelt (Niederösterreich); $14, 89 points.

Netzl 2012 Haidacker Zweigelt (Carnuntum); $65, 89 points.

Red Blends

Esterházy 2012 Tesoro (Burgenland); $60, 93 points.

Netzl 2012 Anna-Christina (Carnuntum); $65, 93 points.

Nittnaus Anita und Hans 2012 Pannobile (Burgenland); $36, 93 points.

Steindorfer 2012 Apleton Rouge (Burgenland); $25, 93 points.

Anton Bauer 2012 Reserve Red (Wagram); $30, 92 points.

Published on March 19, 2015
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German-born but London-based, Anne Krebiehl MW is a freelance wine writer contributing to international wine publications. She also lectures, consults and translates and has helped to make wine in New Zealand, Germany and Italy. She adores acidity in wine and is thus perfectly suited to her Austria/Alsace/England beat. Her particular weaknesses are Pinot Noir, Riesling and traditional-method sparkling wines.


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