The Reel World

The Reel World
Sideways / Photo courtesy Photofest

There’s nothing more transforming than the incredible adventures one experiences on the silver screen. A lifelong cinephile, I’ve been irreversibly changed by many great scenes in film, and bewitched by movies’ ability to whisk me to distant lands, immersing me in the flavor and culture of new places.

Wine contains the same magic. As our Wine Enthusiast Magazine tagline says, the world truly is in your glass every time you take a sip. The people, the land, the culture of a place are all part of what unfolds in a taste, and in an instant, you’re experiencing a new world and intimately connecting to the heart of that place.

We pay homage to the fascinating connection between vineyard and screen in this issue’s Film & Wine coverage, featuring exclusive interviews with famed actors, directors and film industry luminaries as they discuss their love of wine. We also pair film genres with like-minded wines (film noir and aged Barolo, anyone?), tell you which top-end theaters offer great wine lists, and share which wineries offer film-viewing experiences among the vines.

As part of this concept, Wine Enthusiast has partnered with five of the leading independent theaters in America for the Wine & Film Festival series in April through June—a selection of screenings of the best wine films (including Somm, Sideways [pictured] and A Year in Champagne, among others). Following the films in these historic theaters will be post-show parties with wines to sample from around the world, chosen by the series’ wine partner Palm Bay International. Watch this space for more information on this incredible collaboration. Don’t miss it!

Also in the issue: European Editor Roger Voss and Contributing Travel Editor Alexis Korman take you on a journey through Provence via its delicious wine and food, Spirits Editor Kara Newman profiles craft distillers of the Southern U.S., and our editors recommend wines for the most sublime moments of spring.

Published on March 27, 2015
Topics: Pop Culture