Gia Coppola on Winemaking with her Legendary Grandfather

Gia Coppola on Winemaking with her Legendary Grandfather
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Do you see a connection between making movies and making wine?

I feel like they’re similar. You have to just keep plowing through and try to put all these separate pieces together in hopes that it all comes together the way you imagined it. The nice thing about wine is you can keep perfecting it each year. But with a movie, once you’re done, you’re done. You can’t touch it again.

When did you become interested in wine?

When I finished college. I took a bartending course and then worked as a barback at Bouchon (in Yountville, California). I got very interested in the history and chemistry of beverages.

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Outside of your own wine projects, are there other styles, regions and producers that interest you right now?

Whenever a friend brings over a bottle of wine, I take a picture of it. I’m very curious about why they picked that particular bottle. Most of the time, they just look at the price and grab a random bottle.

What wines do you try to have with you on set? Anything in particular that helps the creative process?

Well, it’s probably illegal to drink on set, but when I’m writing, I find wine helps open and relax my mind.

Do you have any favorite movie scenes that include wine?

There’s a movie called La Grande Illusion. They give [a punch] recipe in it. My grandpa [filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola] and I took the recipe and substituted the ingredients with Francis Ford Coppola Gia Frizzante and Gia Pinot Grigio.

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Published on March 31, 2015
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