Your Guide to Wine & Film

Your Guide to Wine & Film
Photo by Aaron Graubart

Whether producing a wine or a film, both require a visionary leader, creativity, technical know-how and a boatload of money. Commercial success often depends on critics, and a new release is punctuated with some well-deserved partying. But the most profound link between the two art forms is how one sip or a single scene can whisk your senses away to a wholly different time and place. That’s powerful stuff. Welcome to our celebration of one of life’s greatest pairings.


Kate Hudson, co-owner of Hudson Bellamy Wines and Hollywood actress, discusses the family business and her approach to winemaking.


Kyle MacLachlan, star of Twin Peaks and co-owner of Pursued by Bear Wine chats with us about his passion for winemaking.

The 10 Greatest Wine Movies of All Time


Mogul Michael Lynne, co-founder of New Line Cinema and Unique Features, reveals the secrets to running Long Island’s Bedell Cellars.


Our list of wine’s most iconic movie moments.


Big-shot “Somm” Director Jason Wise talks about his upcoming “Somm: Into the Bottle” and the current fascination with wine culture.

The country’s best boozy movie theaters

Gia Coppola talks about making wine with her legendary grandfather

Your guide to classic wine and film pairings


Max Thieriot, actor and star of Bates Motel reveals his wine project secrets

Read how co-founders of the Napa Valley Film Festival and producers of Bottle Stock create memorable film festival experiences

Q+A with Paolo Casalis, co-director of Barolo Boys documentary

Hit up these vineyards and wineries screening your favorite flicks

Published on March 31, 2015
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