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Today marks the first night of Passover if you’re Jewish, as well as Good Friday—which precedes Easter if you’re Christian. To help you celebrate both traditions in your home, we’ve gathered recent ratings, reviews and recipes to ensure your quality time with family goes off without a hitch.

With the demand for kosher wine rising in anticipation of Passover—when four glasses of wine per person are ritually consumed during the holiday dinner, or seder—we’ve put together a shopping list that perfectly matches your Passover meal. The best part? Kosher wine doesn’t always have to be paired with brisket, kugel and kreplach. We’ve also got a spiced-up version of matzoh ball soup, wine pairing ideas and even some seder-inspired Passover cocktails. L’chaim! 

Easter brunch or dinner doesn’t have to be a grand affair. Consult our pairing guide for 10 traditional dishes (ham and rack of lamb included), or turn your family celebration on its head with revamped recipes from the country’s top culinary talent. Finally, we round out the holiday with cocktails utilizing the most ubiquitous of Easter ingredients: eggs.

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Published on April 3, 2015
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