Wine Awesomeness’ Logan Lee Reveals the Secrets to Wine Discovery

Wine Awesomeness' Logan Lee Reveals the Secrets to Wine Discovery

As the CEO of e-commerce and social marketing company Wine Awesomeness, Logan Lee has one objective: to help savvy, young wine drinkers discover awesome vino. And how exactly does he do this? Easy. The WA team curates a monthly themed box as part of a wine club, featuring deliciously obscure varieties and historic bottlings worth rediscovering. We tapped Lee for three tips every wine drinker should live by.

Stop being so serious.

“I’m all for learning cool stuff. Wine is tied to politics, geography, history, and you can learn about wine and seek out the stories, but you also don’t have to be so serious about it all. Our favorite saying is #WineAllTheTime. If you want to drink rosé at a music festival or beach party, go for it. I just think we should treat wine like beer or spirits. Everyone can benefit from a dose of not-taking-yourself-too-seriously. Wine shouldn’t be this exclusive, hard-to-understand thing. At its core, it is crazy-delicious grape juice. There’s no wrong or right, and the best part is you learn more just by drinking more.”

Don’t be afraid to drink lesser-known wines.

“Lots of people in our generation are just beginning to learn about wine, but are adventurous… Recent boxes [Wine Awesomeness has sold] have been the Eastern Bloc Party with Eastern European wines that people may not have heard of and Golden Oldies with classic wine styles. It’s just wine! Don’t be afraid to explore. Personally, I love going to places with great wine lists like Corkbuzz [in New York City]. I just try a bunch of wines over the course of a night. If you strike up a conversation with your server or somm, you end up learning a ton. I think everyone will be a whole lot better off if they roll into a wine bar and ask questions they have about wine, even the basics.”

Explore red wines.

“I’m enjoying Bonarda from Argentina. It’s delicious and different from your typical Malbec. Also, there are great Lambruscos out there. Deep, sparkling reds are amazing right now. They’re like a mind trick: They’re cold and fizzy but have body and weight.”

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Published on April 15, 2015
Topics: Wine DiscoveryWine Trends