The Best of Berlin

The Best of Berlin
Photo by Jens Oellermann


Cordobar (pictured​): This must-visit wine bar attained cult status within a year of opening. Taste delicious German or Austrian wines by the glass, or order from the phonebook-sized wine menu. It lists everything from the latest über-cool Riesling wunderkinds to precious, auction-only vintages. The snacks are great, too. Try the black pudding pizza with a German Pinot Noir.

Tausend: This clubby cocktail bar is hard to find, but totally worth the hunt. Behind an unmarked, battered steel door under the Friedrichstrasse railway bridge, you’ll find blinking strobe lights, an international clientele and some of the city’s best mixologists.

Weinbund: An association of the city’s best independent wine shops, Weinbund hosts fun, educational tasting events citywide. For grab-and-go bottles, head to Paasburg’s for German gems (and its unique locale: a cobblestone yard in an old former factory). For some of the best natural wines in the world, head to Viniculture.

—Anne Krebiehl, MW



Hot Spot: This unassuming Chinese restaurant is a temple of mature German Riesling, and winemakers often pop in whenever they’re in the capital. The cooking is subtle and authentic, just like the mature, well-priced bottles they serve. The tea-smoked duck is not to be missed.

Markthalle Neun: Located in edgy Kreuzberg, this indoor gourmet food market offers a huge selection of fresh, artisanal food, and a giant selection of both beer and wine. Best for groups and sharing, eat your way through the smoked fish options, slurp down some oysters, or try the popular pulled pork sandwich. For dessert, savor the amazing housemade chocolate bars.

Nobelhart & Schmutzig: This is award-winning sommelier Billy Wagner’s first solo restaurant. Modern and porgressive, Wagner uses fresh regional produce and employs time-honored preserving methods such as pickling and salting. The German-centric wine list is one of Berlin’s best.

Currywurst (pictured): Berlin’s iconic on-the-go snack is an acquired taste—a grilled frankfurter-style sausage covered in curry-spiced ketchup. The sausage is available on almost every street corner, often served with French fries. If truly seduced by the stuff, you can visit the city’s Currywurst Museum.

Published on May 4, 2015
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