Five Moscato Must-Haves

Photo by Allie Smith / Unsplash

When you think of Moscato, you probably think fizz, a festive setting and Nicki Minaj.

The hip-hop star famously released her own Moscato brand called MYX Fusions in 2013, and needless to say, sales of the spritzy wine spiked.

But this sipper is beyond just trendy. It’s one of the oldest cultivated wines in the world. The name “Moscato” originates in Italy, where the renowned frizzante (or semi-bubbly) style called Moscato d’Asti is classically produced, with low alcohol and high residual sugar.

But the Muscat variety—the grape behind the wine—has various clones and is planted everywhere from Australia to Oregon. Styles range from still (light whites made with Muscat Blanc or Moscatel), to sparkling (made from Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains) and sweet (made with Muscat of Alexandria or Orange Muscat), and all have one thing in common: an unmistakable, powerful aroma of perfume and grape musk.

Here are five deliciously diverse bottlings you can pop open to sip solo or pair with foods.

Castello del Poggio NV Moscato (Asti); $15, 86 points

Emeri NV Frost Moscato (Australia); $12, 88 points

Foris 2013 Moscato (Rogue Valley); $14, 87 points

Perini NV Macaw Tropical Vinho Branco Frisante Suave Moscato (Serra Gaúcha); $11, 85 points

Stemmari 2012 Moscato (Terre Siciliane); $10, 86 points

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Published on May 11, 2015
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