The Best Cocktail Tools for Your Home Bar

The Best Cocktail Tools for Your Home Bar

In honor of the May Cocktail Month celebration here at Wine Enthusiast, each week we’re serving up tons of tips and tricks to mix drinks at home. Last week, we offered solutions for sticky at-home bartending problems. This week, we’re outlining some of the top tools to make cocktails with ease.

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The Basics: Simple tools you need to shake, strain, measure and muddle your cocktails.

Yarai Mixing Pitcher with Hawthorne Strainer ($40): This diamond-cut Yarai mixing glass is approved by professionals and great for stirred drinks like martinis and Manhattans. The strainer will keep the ice out of your glass.

Cocktail Kingdom Shaken Cocktail Kit ($70): This set includes all the basic tools you’ll need for shaken drinks like daiquiris and margaritas: A citrus press to squeeze lemons and limes, a jigger for measuring ingredients and a silicone ice cube mold, plus a two-piece shaker and strainer.

Stainless Steel Cobbler Shaker ($69): Some home bartenders find this three-piece Japanese “cobbler” easier to manipulate than the traditional two-piece shaker.

OXO Stainless-Steel Double-Sided Jigger ($9): This jigger is a favorite of pros because of its slip-proof grip and the easy-to-use measurements emblazoned inside the jigger.

Muddler Barspoon ($15): Stir your drinks with one end of this dual-use tool, and crush fresh herbs with the other end.


Nice Ice: What you need to perfectly chill your cocktail.

Covered Ice Cube Tray ($4): This tray features a cover that prevents ice from absorbing those yucky “off” flavors and odors from the freezer.

Colossal Ice Cube and Sphere Mold Set ($26): These large, slow-melting, decorative cubes will add a fancy touch to your cocktails and those special drams of whiskey or aged rum.


Gorgeous Glassware: A roundup of the best vessels for showcasing your tipple. (At minimum, we suggest a glass for drinks on the rocks and a glass for drinks served neat.)

Fusion Deco Champagne Coupe Glasses ($50, set of 4): Rounded coupe glasses are ideal for serving up cocktails neat. Many bartenders prefer them to the classic V-shaped martini glasses.

Lexington Whiskey Glasses ($50, set of 2): This is perfect for drinks served on the rocks like an Old-Fashioned, as well as for sips served straight like whiskey.

Highball Glasses ($12 each): These tall, thin cocktail glasses provide lots of room for those “long” or layered drinks like a Collins or gin & tonic.

Copper Moscow Mule Mugs ($40, set of 2): As cocktail vessels go, this is more of a nice-to-have option, but it’s worth it simply to serve a stunning Moscow Mule.

Nick & Nora Glasses ($10 each): Consider these elegantly proportioned glasses alternatives to classic coupes.

Next week’s edition of May Cocktail Month will feature top DIY cocktail ingredients. Stay tuned!

Published on May 14, 2015
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