Racy Spring Rieslings in Time for Memorial Day

Racy Spring Rieslings in Time for Memorial Day

Intensely aromatic Riesling is one of the world’s most popular grapes, but in recent years, some consumers have mistaken it for being singularly sweet. Not entirely so. Styles can range from dry and austere to, yes, syrupy dessert wines, but excellent bottlings often reflect terroir, with complex notes ranging from apple and citrus to honey and petrol. These 23 recently reviewed bottles—hailing from New York, Washington and Austria—are tasty examples of the versatile grape but also delicious excuses for exploring new facets of Riesling’s personality.


Pacific Rim 2013 Solstice Riesling (Yakima Valley); $NA, 89 points.
Diversion NV Copper River Estate Riesling (Columbia Valley); $17, 88 points.
Saviah Cellars 2013 The Jack Riesling (Columbia Valley); $15, 87 points.

New York

Shaw 2012 Road Block Reserve Riesling (Finger Lakes); $25, 92 points.
The Grapes of Roth 2013 Virgin Berry Dry Riesling (Long Island); $32, 91 points. Editors’ Choice.
Bloomer Creek 2013 Tanzen Dame Auten Vineyard 2nd Clone 239 Dry Riesling (Finger Lakes); $40, 90 points.
Boundary Breaks 2013 No. 239 Dry Riesling (Finger Lakes); $20, 90 points.
Dr. Konstantin Frank 2013 Reserve Riesling (Finger Lakes); $25, 90 points.

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Emmerich Knoll 2013 Ried Loibenberg Riesling Smaragd (Wachau); $54, 96 points. Cellar Selection.
F X Pichler 2013 DĂĽrnsteiner Kellerberg Riesling Smaragd (Wachau); $NA, 95 points.
Josef Jamek 2014 Jochinger Pichl Riesling Federspiel (Wachau); $29, 94 points.
Eder 2013 Riesling Smaragd (Wachau); $27, 93 points.
Malat 2013 SteinbĂĽhel Riesling (Kremstal); $33, 93 points.
MĂĽller-Grossmann 2013 Steiner Point Riesling (Kremstal); $21, 93 points.
Schloss Gobelsburg 2014 Riesling (Kamptal); $20, 93 points.
Loimer 2014 Langenlois Riesling (Kamptal); $25, 92 points.
Wieninger 2014 Wiener Riesling (Vienna); $23, 92 points. Editors’ Choice.
Artner 2014 BĂĽhlweingarten Riesling (Carnuntum); $15, 91 points.
Jäger 2013 Achleiten Riesling Smaragd (Wachau); $45, 91 points.
Stift Göttweig 2014 Göttweiger Berg Riesling (Kremstal); $24, 91 points.
Domäne Wachau 2014 Terrassen Riesling Federspiel (Wachau); $18, 90 points.
Tegernseerhof 2014 Terrassen Riesling Federspiel (Wachau); $20, 90 points.
Unger 2014 Stein-Terrassen Riesling (Kremstal); $15, 90 points. Best Buy. 

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Published on May 19, 2015
Topics: Wine and Ratings