Top 8 Wine Apps

Top 8 Wine Apps

The Tasting Guide

Wine Enthusiast Magazine ’s Tasting Guide app—available in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play—is the ultimate app for all-things wine, spirits and beer. Users can browse thousands of Wine Enthusiast ratings and reviews, or scan a wine’s UPC to retrieve tasting notes while on the go. Share your latest discoveries instantly via Facebook or Twitter, and also keep a journal of the pours you’ve tasted and loved. The interactive Vintage Chart, a one-of-a-kind feature, guides users on their wine purchases and restaurant selections by revealing what to drink when. Other special app features include a badge-reward program, in which you can earn special discounts and offers as you build your digital ratings collection, as well as access to the latest magazine articles, featuring everything from wine travel and pairings to cocktail recipes and top destinations.​


Taking label-reading technology to the next level, Delectable is essentially Instagram for wine-lovers. Upload your wine photos and the app recognizes producers, vintages, varietals and regions, helping you remember what you drank and with whom you drank it. You can shop, rate and describe wines, which can be viewed by other users, including sommeliers and industry experts. iPhone, Android, free.

Hello Vino

Hello Vino gently prompts users through interactive questions to find the best wine for a particular meal, holiday or taste preference. Audio reviews provide a nice touch. iOS, Android, free.

The Wine Coach

Author and wine expert Laurie Forster has crammed decades of expertise into The Wine Coach. It boasts weekly wine picks, audio and video podcasts, a varietal guide to grapes and an interactive feature where users can submit questions and label pictures via email. iPhone, Android, free.

Wine Maps

A reference tool for buddy oenophiles, Wine Maps features 1300+ maps of the world’s wine regions. Clearly presented with rivers, cities and towns, the app allows you to explore the topographical nuances of Burgundy, or learn the difference between Martinborough and Marlborough in New Zealand, amongst others. The app also allows you to print the maps, for offline, analog study. iOS, $.99


This all-in-one app allows you to scan, track and find new wines, going so far as to have it delivered to your home. One part Delectable, one part Seamless, the app offers over 30,000 wines to consumers in 41 states. iOS, Android, free.


A well-designed, modern-looking wine app, Plonk is a user-friendly wine discovery app. With a number of features including a pronunciation guide, food pairings and trivia, Plonk helps make wine more accessible. Users can also navigate the app’s periodic table of wine, with grape varieties with hues, which hint at the style of wine. iOS, Android, free.

The Wine Ratings Guide

The Wine Ratings Guide is almost like having your own personal sommelier at your beck and call. This highly rated, user-friendly app draws on a database of 1 million wines and provides flavor profiles, pairing suggestions, room to add your own ratings and the ability to view customized lists from other users. iPhone, Android, $3.99.

Published on June 4, 2015
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