The Complete Guide to Burgers & Pairings

The Complete Guide to Burgers & Pairings

There are few things as quintessentially American as a flame-kissed burger, and for good reason: the glorious meat-on-bun was invented here. What better way to spend summer weekends than grilling up delicious, easy-to-make patties for friends and family?

We all know burgers and beer are old friends, but wine can also play nicely. Switch up your patty routine by popping the cork on high-acid, low-alcohol California Pinot Noir or smoky, meaty South African Pinotage. For a more whimsical pairing, reach for refreshing, fruit-forward rosé, the ultimate summer sip.

To help you up your burger game, we’ve gathered our favorite burger recipes, from fully-loaded gourmet versions to international preparations. Along the way, we offer up our favorite bottles and brews for effortless sipping. Of course, a burger is nothing without fries.

Whatever recipe you opt for, don’t forget to invite us over. We’ll bring the wine.

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Published on June 5, 2015
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