In The Cellar With Jim Nantz

In The Cellar With Jim Nantz

He Loves Being A Sort-caster

“I have a cellar that holds 906 bottles. All the slots are filled, so I have cases on the floor, but it’s very organized. I like to organize things. My wine cellar is like my clothes closet. Everything is coordinated and there’s a reason and a flow to it.”

Cellar First, House Second

“We’ve been living in this Pebble Beach house for three years. We gutted it and did an expansion, and there wasn’t a wine cellar originally. We pretty much took the house down to the framing, and we have a beautiful spot to display our wine.”

He’s All About The Details

“The cellar has an old door on it with wrought iron and a stained glass effect. You can peek through the door; the ironwork includes a keyhole, the symbol of The Calling. The whole room is climate-controlled, and I put a lot of stone into it, including the ceiling. It has a very Old World feel to it.”

He’s Played With Mondavi

“My sister and I were exposed to so many fascinating cultural things, including winemaking. We would take trips up to Napa. My mom has slides of when I was 10 walking through the vineyards of Robert Mondavi.”

No Dinner Without Wine

“Wine is such a pleasure in life. I look at dinner like a beautiful piece of art on a canvas. It’s beautiful, but you have to put a frame around it, and then it pops. I look at wine like that. It frames a meal; it frames an experience and can be wonderful. But without the right frame, it’s not complete.”

He’s A Cali Boy At Heart

“In my cellar, I’ve got everything. I always read about these people who boast about what they have in their cellars. I’ve got a lot of that, I really do, I have many fine French wines. But I really emphasize what we do here in the state of California. So I like to boast about them instead of rattling off all of the bottles that I have.”

“Open Says Me”

“I don’t have a preset date for when I’m going to open a particular bottle. For now, I’m just keeping them.”

Published on June 18, 2015
Topics: Celeb + Wine