Rene Redzepi Takes Noma on the Road

Rene Redzepi Takes Noma on the Road
Photo by Rene Redzepi, via Twitter


Rene Redzepi’s famed Copenhagen restaurant, Noma, is set to open a 10-week pop-up shop in Sydney, Australia January, 2016 . After its recently successful pop-up in Japan, this new venture will focus on local, seasonal Australian produce, according to Eater. “From the tropical fruit in the north, to the native pepper leaf of Tasmania; the pristine fish and shellfish of the south and all the new exotic wonders in between, our research forays will take us into the bush, around every shoreline, weeding our way through Flinders and Kangaroo Island,” Redzepi said in a statement. Noma’s Copenhagen location will be closed during the 10-week pop-up stint in order to relocate all staff to Australia. While Noma is closed, check out other haunts opened by its alum >>> 

Three months since the fatal explosion of Kentucky’s Silver Trail Distillery that killed one man and injured another, the Kentucky State Fire Marshal released a statement saying the cause of the explosion was due to pressure that a batch of distilling moonshine wasn’t able to handle due to a faulty relief valve, according to The Drinks Business. “This caused an immediate over pressurization which ruptured the still bottom and sent it hurtling through the door,” the report said. “The pressure relief valve did not open due to the still builder installing a valve too large for this size pot plus being made for a water heater.”

Upland Brewing Company, of Bloomington, Indiana, is adding a new brew to its Side Trail Series, called “Bottled Blonde,” according to their blog. Made with Centennial and Cascade hops, the winner of the 2015 UpCup Homebrewing Competition brew is the fifth beer in the Side Trail Series. It will be available within the brewery’s distribution area beginning August 15.

In the Trade

Tom Nichol, former master distiller for Tanqueray Gin, will be producing a new gin for J. Rieger & Co. after he’d recently retired, according to the Kansas City Business Journal. Andy Rieger, owner and operator of J. Rieger & Co., said that once he learned Nichol was planning on retiring, he wanted to get him to come out to Kansas City, Missouri, where Rieger’s distillery is based. Rieger hopes to have Nichol—who has over 40 years distilling experience—working on the gin in August.

Diageo and Cruzan rum, a subsidiary of Diageo PLC, which produces Captain Morgan, is facing a violation charge from the U.S. Virgin Islands’ environmental agency, according to Yahoo! Finance. The St. Croix-based producers have received complaints from St. Croix citizens, saying the ethanol from Diageo’s and Cruzan’s facilities has created black mold in their homes and on their cars and boats. According to the article, residents in several St. Croix communities say a “sooty-looking fungus has been accumulating in their neighborhoods, including on water cisterns and fruit trees.” The class-action lawsuit would demand the two companies to “install technology to capture ethanol emissions and pay damages to homeowners,” according to Yahoo!.

On the Scene

Contributing editor and reviewer Anna Lee Iijima hit the road in the search for age-worthy New York State wine, and she found it Long Island’s Wolffer Estate Vineyard.

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