Acidity Trip: Inside LA’s Winerave

Acidity Trip: Inside LA's Winerave

I learned my friends Maxwell Leer and Adam Vourvoulis were hosting their latest Winerave pop-up inside a tepee (yes, tepee) at the Beefsteak party at Vibiana in Los Angeles.

For those not in entertainment, the annual Beefsteak bash is a sort of carnivore cotillion ball for the comedy world, where joke pros dance and dine on mounds of meat—no forks or napkins allowed. Hosted by comic Eric Wareheim—the “Eric” in Tim & Eric—the party raises money for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

Despite not really being into electronic music, I immediately asked to volunteer in whatever way I could, because wine and comedy are the only two things I really love. Sorry, Dad.

As it turned out, volunteering meant being covered in DayGlo body paint and serving shots of Skittles-tasting Jakob Schneider Riesling, all under the glow of black light.

In groups of four, guests in cocktail attire entered our trippy tepee to find Maxwell and I listening to Drake, glowing amidst illuminated moss, plants and a massive pink pig’s skull.

We would welcome them, ask them to participate in a celebratory wine shot, then toast: “To spirit, to community, to cosmos and to Winerave.”

It was super weird, but that’s what made it such a blast.

It’s important to remember: Wine should be fun. So, sometimes you just have to shut up, duck into a tepee and shoot some Riesling.

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Published on August 25, 2015
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