Oxford Dictionaries Add New, Booze-Friendly Words

Oxford Dictionaries Add New, Booze-Friendly Words


Oxford Dictionaries recently announced new updates that foodies and wine lovers can get behind. In the beverage category, the dictionary announced it added “wine o’clock” and “beer o’clock” (“an appropriate time of day for starting to drink wine/beer”) and “cidery” (“a place where cider is made”). Now, go ahead and put these terms to use. Looking to up your wine vocab? Check out these esoteric wine terms >>>

If you’re looking for wine on tap, the Los Angeles Times highlights a new Web site that can help you do just that. Developed by wine keg provider Free Flow Wines, Trywineontap.com acts as a database for nearly 4,000 bars and restaurants serving draft wines. The site also acts as a resource for businesses interested in carrying wine on tap, which is gaining traction for keeping wine fresher longer, with less waste and carbon emissions.

In the Trade

E&J Gallo Winery announced its purchase of California’s Talbott Vineyards. According to a press release from Gallo, the winery acquired “the Talbott brand, the winery located 21 miles south of Monterey Bay and the prestigious 525-acre Sleepy Hollow Vineyard, which Talbott purchased in 1994” for an undisclosed sum. The deal is slated to close September 4, 2015.

Vias Imports is releasing its first proprietary wine, Acinum, according to a company press release. Created by Vias chairman Fabrizio Pedrolli in collaboration with oenologist Enrico Paternoster, Acinum will be released nationwide beginning September 2015. It is available in five 750-mL offerings, including Prosecco Extra Dry DOP ($11), Soave Classico DOP ($11), Valpolicella DOP ($16), Valpolicella Ripasso DOP ($23), and Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG ($55).

Online retail giant Amazon is entering the growing beverage delivery market. According to Bloomberg Business, the company will begin offering one-hour delivery of wine, beer and spirits through its Prime Now program. For now the service will be limited to Seattle—Amazon’s alcohol sales are limited to wine throughout the rest of the country—as it dips its toes in the projected $1.4-billion market. Two-hour delivery is free through Prime Now and one-hour service is $7.99.

Henriot, Inc. announced its appointment of Andy Glaser as President & CEO of Maisons & Domaines Henriot’s U.S. offices, effective immediately. Glaser was most recently Group President and CEO of Purity Vodka AB, and previously oversaw U.S. marketing and business for Hennessy Cognac.

On the Social Scene

California reviewer and contributing editor Matt Kettmann shared an incredible snapshot of gorgeously ripe Blaufränkisch while at Solminer Wine. Kettmann is also the new voice behind a new radio program produced by KCRW Santa Barbara. Listen to his chat about unique winemakers from Catalina Island, off the coast of LA >>>

What’s your office like? Photo director Megan Baggott offered a behind-the-scenes look of the WE tasting room, crowded with bottles upon bottles of vino.

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