5 Spectacular Gifts for Wine Lovers

5 Spectacular Gifts for Wine Lovers

We’ve all brought a classic bottle of wine or a decanter to a house party as a gift—they’re practically cliché. It’s time to break out the big guns for the next party you attend. For that purpose, we’ve rounded up a whole bunch of spectacular wine gifts your hosts will love.

The Coravin 

When the Coravin 1000 Wine Access System was introduced in 2013, it was touted as the biggest game-changer in wine since the Leverpull corkscrew.

After all, this sleek contraption allows you to taste your cellar prizes without opening them or allowing a speck of air into the bottle.

Then, sadly, a few bottles broke during use (only one injury was reported).

While many wine pros say inexperience was the likely culprit for the busted bottles, Coravin recalled the device, added tweaks and reissued it. A protective sleeve to place around the bottle while in use now accompanies the Coravin. The company also ramped up its education program.

Since returning to the marketplace, the Coravin has picked up where it left off. It continues to transform wine-by-the-glass programs, while delighting sommeliers and cellar owners alike.

How it Works:

The Coravin 1000 drives a tiny, surgical-grade needle through the cork and pulls out the wine. Argon gas, which is safe and tasteless, is pumped into the bottle, ensuring that no oxygen enters. The cork reseals itself when the needle is removed, and the bottle can be placed back on the rack. $300, wineenthusiast.com.

Antler Wine Bottle Rack

Photo by Meg Baggott

We all have prized bottles squirreled away in our cellars—the ones that we coveted, stalked and hunted down. So when it’s finally time to present those wines to a wide-eyed dinner party, it should be done with sportsman’s pride. Enter the Antler Wine Bottle Rack ($595, wineenthusiast.com). Crafted from naturally shed elk, mule or white-tailed deer antlers, it’s a trophy rack for up to four bottles (standard size), perfectly timed for the season

Cowboy Cauldron

Photo courtesy Woodzee

This modern take on an old-school stove stokes three of man’s inherent instincts: building a fire, placing food over a flame and, of course, the youthful desire to be a cowboy. The six-foot tall black steel Cowboy Cauldron is both a fire pit and grill (there’s a removable grate), and looks flat-out cool whether perched in your backyard or campsite. cowboycauldron.com; $1,420.

Woodzee Specs

Photo by Monica Stevenson

For too long, winery logo fleece and ball caps have been at the top of the never-so-called “wine fashion world.” Comfy? Sure. Cool? Yeah, no. But one of the hottest fads in eyewear right now is sunglass frames carved from spent oak wine barrels, like these, made with wood that once held Robert Mondavi vino. (There’s also a whole crop of shades crafted from whiskey and Sherry staves.) With advanced peeper protection and on-trend swagger, there’s no better time to pour a little wine on your wardrobe. The Robert Mondavi Private Selection Sierra Sunglasses and the Oak Whiskey Barrel Sunglasses, both by Woodzee.

Where to find these barrel-aged specs: woodzee.com

Sculptural Grapevine Table

Make wine an even larger part of your feasts with this handmade grapevine dining room table. Designed by California-based artist Michael Weiss, each unique piece is crafted from recycled century-old vines from vineyards throughout the Golden State. $4,700; wineenthusiast.com

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Published on September 18, 2015
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