These Low-Alcohol Zweigelts Will Ease You into the Work Week

These Low-Alcohol Zweigelts Will Ease You into the Work Week
Photo by Joseph Hernandez

Whoever said Sunday was a day of rest never attended a bottomless brunch. As a reward for making it through another Monday, reach for something a little more gentle while you recover from the weekend. Austrian Zweigelt’s low alcohol and softer acidity will take the edge off while you delete all those selfies from your weekend bacchanal. Cherry and hints of pepper generously pair with whatever your groggy Monday brain pulls together for dinner. Pro tip: lightly chill this wine for a refreshing start to the week.

The Bottles to Try:

Münzenrieder 2013 Zweigelt (Neusiedlersee); $13, 89 points: We love this for its big-time aromas of white pepper and cherry, balanced by a fresh, juicy body.

Nittnaus Anita und Hans 2013 Zweigelt (Burgenland); $18, 89 points: Another easy-going Zweigelt, this is a berry-forward number that is made for sipping while Netflix-binging.

R&A Pfaffl 2013 Austrian Cherry Zweigelt (Niederösterreich); $14, 89 points: So fresh and so clean, clean, this bottle wears its heart on its sleeve, er, label. Packing lip-smacking cherry freshness, this is an affordable, unpretentious pick.

Sepp Moser 2013 Hedwighof Zweigelt (Burgenland); $20, 88 points: If you want to step up your game a little, the Sepp Moser offers up a hint of baking spices melding with ripe, juicy berry notes.

Weingut Groiss 2013 Classic Zweigelt (Wagram); $16, 90 points: Straight-forward with pure cherry flavors, this Zweigelt sings with balanced acidity that leaves you feeling refreshed, a classy hair-of-the-dog that helps put your weekend bender behind you.

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Published on October 12, 2015
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