Elegant Holiday Entertaining

Elegant Holiday Entertaining from Treana Wines

The holiday season is truly a gift to those of us who love to entertain. Everyone is in a festive mood, and between Christmas, Christmas Eve, Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day there are many opportunities to pull out the fine linens, polish the silver, and put heirloom china to use. Creating a special holiday tablescape sets the mood for your celebration dinner. Regardless of your style, a bottle of Treana wine, with its emblematic gold leaf, is an elegant addition to any holiday table.

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Treana is the sum of elements that influence our wines. From the land that our family farms, to the warm California sun that nurtures and the cooling ocean breeze that balances. Today, the Treana legacy continues as the wines are made using grapes that flourish in our Paso Robles vineyards as well as other unique regions of the Central Coast. Visit Treana Wines today.


Winter Woodland

Elegant Holiday Entertaining from Treana Wines

Don’t hide your beautiful wood table under cloth—let its natural surface shine through, and cover it with even more wood tones, stone, and elements of the forest. A rustic table helps to remind us of the simplicity of the season, keeping crass commercialism at bay.

Against the Grain: Let the dings and divots from years of good living show their face by keeping the tablecloth in the cupboard this year. Keep the wood look going strong with faux bois placemats and grosgrain napkins in shades of brown that complement your table’s color.

Naturally Beautiful: Stoneware plates add another natural layer atop the table’s surface. Wood-handled flatware isn’t dishwasher safe, but special occasions are worth the extra effort.

Go Green: Evergreen boughs make for a dramatic contrast to wood, and smaller wreaths made of natural garland add a festive note to candle bases. Take the whole family pinecone hunting as an old-fashioned antidote to shopping at the mall, and fashion place card holders out of the finer specimens.

Close to Nature: If you are truly a DIY type, get as close to your food source as possible by curing your own charcuterie and salmon or making your own pate or terrine.

Play it Cool

Elegant Holiday Entertaining from Treana Wines

If all the red and green have you seeing blue, put that feeling to use by setting the table in a palette of blues brightened by flashes of silver. Whether your style is modern, traditional, or healthy servings of both blue is a color that never goes out of style. In a sea of holiday lookalikes, blue is sassy and a little bit unexpected.

Blue is My World: Heap on all the blues in the house—the powder blue tablecloth, navy placemats, French blue plates, antique satin napkins, and cobalt pitchers and serving platters. The best thing about blue is that it all matches no matter how many shades you combine.

Shine On: Polish up the good silver or lay out your favorite stainless flatware. Shiny metal looks even more lustrous against an all-blue backdrop.

In the Clear: While we love mid century modern or antique blue glasses for water or soft drinks, wine is best appreciated in clear glass or crystal.

Let it Snow: Glass or metal snowflakes make lovely table ornaments or napkin toppers.

Keep Your Cool: Classic cold appetizers such as caviar or smoked salmon start your holiday meal out on a cool note.


Go For The Gold

Elegant Holiday Entertaining from Treana Wines

A little luster dresses up the holiday, from gleaming decorations to gifts topped with metallic bows. Bring home the gold and add a special sheen to this year’s holiday celebration. Gilding the table can imbue a spirit of opulence without being ostentatious. Let a backdrop of white set the stage for luxurious gold accents, making everyone at your table feel like a king or queen.

Put a Ring On It: A band of gold is as at home on the rim of a plate as it is on the fourth finger, and metallic-stemmed wine glasses are a chic accessory in anyone’s hand. Lustrous cloth napkins rolled in sparkling rings are a fashionable way to keep hands clean.

Shine On: Candlelight reflected in a myriad of glittering surfaces adds a hint of glamour, while golden tapers or pillars boost the radiance another notch.

Wrap it Up: Stocking stuffers swathed in bronze paper with glossy nametags do double duty as place cards.

Mining for Gold: Gold flatware and serving utensils don’t cost a fortune if you are on the lookout in flea markets and thrift stores.

Golden Touch: A bit of gold on your wine label is always a nice detail.


Published on December 8, 2015

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