Chefs Dish on Loathed Food Terms; The Science of Bottle Size; and More News & Notes

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Don’t call your sandwich a “sando” and then describe it as “sexy” or “yummy.” So say some of the leading chefs of Seattle, when asked about their most-loathed food terms, according to the Seattle Times. Love it or hate it, commenters were mixed regarding this list. Some agreed with the chefs while others have pointed to the list as examples of pretentious restaurants to avoid.

Champagne: Bigger Bottles, Better Wine?

How does Champagne evolve in different size bottles? And how do you put together a comparative tasting to find out? As Decanter notes, it’s not an easy task. Louis Roederer Cellar Master and Vice-President Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, explains what it takes, and what they’ve learned about bottle sizes. Lécaillon won Wine Enthusiast’s 2015 Wine Star Award for Winemaker of the Year. 

Escolar: “the Ex-Lax fish”

You might want to pass on that white tuna at your local sushi joint. According to Larry Olmsted, author of “Real Food Fake Food” it’s most likely escolar. Not only are you not getting what you ordered, you might be getting something else much more unpleasant, as this fish is known for causing “gastrointestinal havoc.” The New York Post delivers more bad news about olive oil, lobster and red snapper, and how chances are you’re not getting what you pay for.

Drink Pink, Wear Pink With Rosé Fashions

Pinknic, held on New York City’s Governers Island, was both a chance to drink pink and wear pink. A fashionable set showed off everything from rosy turbans to shoes and everything in between. Get ideas for rosé-inspired clothing to wear at your next outdoor bash via photos of the event in Metro.

Need some rosé suggestions for summer? We’ve got 24 bottles from nine countries to enjoy. Something bubbly? Try these six sparkling rosés.

Meanwhile, In The Trade

From Italy to Iowa: Vietti

Krause Holdings, a business in West Des Moines, Iowa, has purchased Vietti, the famous winery in Piedmont. It’s the company’s second Italian winery purchase. For a local angle, see coverage from The Des Moines Register.

Remembering Gil Stoewsand, The Scientist Who Helped Save New York Wine

Limits on Sonoma Wine Tourism?

How do you balance growth with local concerns over traffic, noise, and resources? Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carillo said, “There is a balance that we need to strike, and we can’t do it without the industry’s participation and acknowledgment that the status quo isn’t perfect. We also need to be mindful of the economic engine that agriculture provides here in the county.” The Press Democrat covers the session and the issues. What are your concerns for Sonoma’s wine tourism?

Wine Consumption in Nigeria

Is Nigeria the next big market for wine growth? Some seem to think so. But have shrinking oil prices dampened locals’ enthusiasm for spending big bucks on fine wines? Read what AFK Insider has to say.

On the Scene and in the Press

5 Restaurant Wine Trends to Watch via Bottlenotes

Speaking of Pinknic, Executive Editor Susan Kostrzewa mingled with the pink-hued crowd.

Pinknic on Governor’s Island

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Managing Editor Joe Czerwinski wins the prize for unearthing the coolest thing from his office.

Anchors Away for Senior Associate Editor Layla Schlack’s Meta Cocktail

My cocktail at The Anchor has an anchor.

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Published on July 18, 2016
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