Allen Iverson’s Champagne Socks are The Answer

Allen Iverson Socks
Photo courtesy Stance

NBA Hall of Fame member Allen Iverson is dipping his toe into the sock business, giving Champagne lovers something to toast that also keeps their feet toasty.

Pick up a pair of Iverson-designed “Winning Taste” socks, which bear a strong resemblance to a famous Champagne label.

Allen Iverson Socks
Photo courtesy Stance

Can’t get enough wine socks? We’ve got The Answer to that question. Here are a few athletic options.

Vino Socks
Photo courtesy Joy of Socks

Enjoy wine via Joy of Socks.

Wine Socks
Photo courtesy Chrissy’s

It’s ok to wine in bed with knee highs.

Run Now Wine Later Socks
Photo courtesy Keep

Work hard/play hard.

Published on July 29, 2016
Topics: Wine News + Trends