Wine By the Spoon; Sommeliers in the ’70s; California’s Billions & More News

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Wine by the… spoon? Apparently nothing is too decadent for the soon-to-open Trump hotel in Washington D.C. According to Travel Weekly, the hotel will hold true to the term “silverware” when it gives customers the option of sampling rare and ultra-expensive wines out of a silver spoon. A great way for a small a taste of the good life or needless extravagance? You tell us.

The Gummy Effect

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Wine-Searcher speculates people are more curious than ever about popular rosé Whispering Angel due to it being an ingredient in a long-sold out rosé gummy bear.

We sampled gummy bears made with Dom Pérignon as part of a roundup of booze-infused confection selections. The list included peanut brittle with amber ale, Pinot Gris lollipops, chocolate bars AND caramel corn with stout, cocktail-inspired marshmallows, and absinthe-infused black sea salt caramels.

What Was it Like to be a Sommelier in the 1970s?

Alfonso Cevola interviews Rebecca Murphy about her start in the wine industry in Texas. A pioneer in a male-dominated profession, Murphy says how she convinced a Dallas restaurant owner to give her that first sommelier job: “I finally said just let me come in on my night off for a few times and do the job, and if I don’t make a fool of myself or you, I want the job. And that’s pretty much the way it went.” [Part 1] [Part 2]

A Well-Balanced Wine

That’s 114 Billion, with a “B”

The Wine Institute and the California Association of Winegrape Growers have released an infographic on the impact California’s wine industry has on the US economy. The number above? That’s how much economic activity California wine has generated in just 2015 alone.

A Master Sommelier’s Favorite Liquid Beverage is…?

Melissa Monosoff (who is also a Certified Ciccerone, meaning she really knows her beer, too) tells D Magazine and it might not be your first, second, or third guess.

Meanwhile, in the Trade

Acquisition and Consolidation

National importer/distrubtor The Winebow Group has acquired California’s Henry Wine Group. Wines & Vines has the details.

Bulking Up

Some of that wine you see on a store shelf? It didn’t come over here in bottles. It may have arrived in a giant bladder. Find out the nuances of the bulk wine market via Meininger’s.

On the Scene and in the Press

Wine Enthusiast moves to new offices!

Should grapes be nervous?

Published on August 8, 2016
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