Why There Was No Drinking on the Moon; Dungeons & Dragons Dispute Settled With Wine & More News

Earth from the Moon

NASA astronauts on the 1968 Apollo mission were the first to see the far side of the moon but denied the chance to be pioneers in outer space drinking. Ars Technica reports that since the mission was to take place over the Christmas holiday, the crew should have a special meal…including alcohol. (Specifically, Coronet Brandy.) Alas, this plan was thwarted by Commander Frank Bordin, who confiscated the bottles, saying ‘If there’s any problem with this spacecraft, they’re going to blame the brandy.” This news went to bad from worse as their holiday meal consisted of dehydrated bacon and stuffing heated via hot air gun.

Dungeon Master of Wine?

Many gaming disputes have been settled over a glass of wine but this is probably the first time a bathtub and Dungeons & Dragons were involved. A question on a role playing game website about whether it’s possible for a character to drink a potion one-handed underwater got one intrepid gamer (a self-described “huge dumb nerd”) thinking. His plan? Test the theory by attempting to drink from bottle of red wine, one-handed, while underwater in a bathtub. (Spoiler alert: it’s possible.) While we admire the curiosity and tenacity displayed here, please do not attempt to drink wine underwater.

Your Investment Portfolio: Stocks and Bonds, Whiskey and Wine?

Planning for your retirement? You may want to consider liquid assets. The Daily Express reports on a study by Lloyds Private Banking that investments in rare whiskey have posted returns of 350 percent since 2008. And wine? Lloyds’ forecast for the next decade predicts it will have the highest returns of all “alternative investments” including cars, watches, coins and stamps.

Meanwhile, in the Trade

Sta Rita Hills AVA Expands and Not Everyone Is Happy

Did poor communication and a lack of cooperation among regional winemakers lead to discord? Elaine Chukan Brown on JancisRobinson.com takes a look at the recently approved proposal to expand this California wine region by over 2,000 acres.

Auction of Washington Wines Raises $3 Million

Support of uncompensated care at Seattle’s Children’s Hospital, along with Washington State University’s enology and viticulture program, got a huge boost thanks to eager bidders at the Auction of Washington Wines. The story behind this annual event, now in it’s 29th year, comes via Great Northwest Wine.

On The Scene and In The Press

A sneak peek into what’s happening with the world’s most famous sparkling wine from European Editor Roger Voss:

Spirits Editor Kara Newman is presenting at BevCon Charleston:

Music and wine? So fine.

This is no fish tale. Intrepid Managing Editor Joe Czerwinski quickly found a choice spot for rod and reel at the new Wine Enthusiast HQ.

Published on August 22, 2016
Topics: Wine News + Trends