Free Beer for Life No More; One Hour Booze Delivery; The World’s Most Expensive Cheese & More News

Beer Kegs

Free beer for life. Those are four sweet words. And if you worked at Canada’s Labatt Brewing Company, it was actually part of your retirement package. Unfortunately, that sudsy perk is going away. A Labatt spokesman, Charlie Angelakos, told The New York Times via email that it was a “reluctant decision.” David Bridger, the president of the union local for brewery workers in London, Ontario, believes the loss of this retiree privilege would further undermine morale among current employees.

One Less Reason to Get Off the Couch

As reported by Supercall, Amazon Prime Now has expanded one-hour booze delivery service to over 20 cities. This door-to-door service will be available to all Prime members in participating locales, with free two-hour delivery for all members, and an expedited 60-minutes-or-less for $8. How much is it worth to you to get wine delivered to your door without every having to change out of your sweatpants?

The World’s Rarest Cheese?

Meanwhile, over at Eater you can see the story of what is purportedly the world’s most expensive cheese. At $500 a pound, Slobodan Simić produces a donkey’s milk cheese—the only in the world—and explains why you don’t see his type of cheese more often.

Wine with your Cheese… Gun?

Speaking of cheese, the Fondoodler—essentially a hot glue gun for cheese—is aiming to be the latest revolution in cheese consumption. Though it may seem gimmicky, the company is imploring potential customers to ponder the practical applications: nachos with on-demand melted cheese or a savory alternative to gingerbread house mortar. Any other suggestions?

Take nachos to the next level. #cheeseit

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Speaking of gadgets…

Our Holiday Gift Guide is Here

Whether you’re planning on being in the tropics, throwing a cocktail party, contemplating a quiet staycation, or headed to a cozy mountain cabin, we’ve got the gifts for you. (Or for you to give.) See the entire guide. By the way, this cocktail smoker is especially cool:

In the Trade

House Spirits Sells Aviation Gin to Davos Brands

The Oregonian quotes a written statement from House Spirits chief executive Tom Mooney. “We now realize that the brand we created—and will continue to distill at our home in Portland—can be something even bigger in someone else’s hands,” he said.

Final Tasting for In Pursuit of Balance (IPOB)

In the debate over ripeness and alcohol levels, California wineries part of the IPOB group certainly got the discussion moving, with proponents and detractors engaging in a sometimes polarizing stance on the issues at hand. Before disbanding, a final tasting was recently held. IPOB Co-founder Jasmine Hirsch told the San Francisco Chronicle, “I think we were unexpectedly successful. And people get freaked out when you challenge the dominance of a critical view.”

Out and About

Margaret River mornings for Managing Editor Joe Czerwinski in Australia.

New York Lieutenant Governor Kathleen C. Hochul and New York State Senator Terrence Murphy stopped by Wine Enthusiast HQ to participate in a ceremonial ribbon cutting for our new offices. How cool is that!

Do you know your ABCs? Get to know your A through Zs via wine grapes (the “grapetionary”), like Tasting Coordinator Carrie Dykes did in Virginia.

#grapetionary A-Z tasting courtesy of the wacky wine geek @themoderngent #fireflourfork16 #wetaste #valove #vawine

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Our kind of judging. Spirits Editor Kara Newman sampled rum drinks for a competition.

Published on November 23, 2016
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